AnnouncementStudy in Germany: Copernicus Stipendium

Copernicus Stipendium


Deadline for applications for Winter semester 2017 (01.10.2017 - 30.03.2018): 1 March 2017

Knowledge of German language is required 

Copernicus is a non-governmental organization, operating since 1995, which aims to sponsoring skilled, ambitious, socially active students from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to study in Germany. Each semester, selected students are invited to Berlin or Hamburg to study at a German university for one semester, as well as passing a professional practice in public or private institution / company and participate in the Copernicus organisation. During the program, students live in German families and receive a stipend for daily expenses. With our organization this program seeks to improve mutual understanding and expand the cultural horizons of participants by creating opportunities for open dialogue between European, Eastern European and Central Asian students.


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