AnnouncementVilnius Summer School
Vilnius Summer School
The upcoming summer we are launching Vilnius Summer School and would like to invite students or any other persons who might be interested in the courses Vilnius Summer School provides. We would be grateful, if you could share the information below with those who might be interested. 

Vilnius Summer School is a week-length (1-8 July 2017) academic program dedicated to facilitate dialogue and in-depth analysis in the field of energy and military security at national, regional and global level. We invite the best experts and scientists of their field to share their knowledge and experience with students and any other persons from abroad who might be interested in energy and military security issues.
Why should anyone be interested in Vilnius Summer School?* The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, is located near the geographic center of Europe. Such geographic location of Lithuania often leads to ituations when Vilnius becomes the spot of clashes between the West and the East, especially in terms of military and energy security interests. Namely, the two courses of Vilnius Summer School 2017  w ill be devoted to discuss relevant issues of  military and energy security.
You can find more information about couses provided on the Programms official web-site
To find out about acception requariments and submit application click here.
Deadline:  28 February 2017 (reduced fee)
                               1 May 2017 (final)
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