NEWSEugene Kaspersky visited RAU
Eugene Kaspersky visited RAU
On July 21st, the founder and CEO of "Kaspersky Lab’’, the winner of the RA President's Award for contribution to world importance in the sphere of information technologies, one of the world's leading experts on cyber security, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky visited Russian-Armenian University.
During the visit, rector of RAU Mr. Armen Darbinyan and CEO of "Kaspersky Lab" Mr. Eugene Kaspersky signed a memorandum on the establishment of the first Armenian "Kaspersky’s Master Program".  Starting from September 2016, RAU will be conducting a new unique joint master's program "Protection of Information Security". According to the agreement, within this cooperation the parties are to implement innovative educational projects in the field of information security on the basis of the Russian-Armenian University, as well as to develop productive programs and courses on cyber security.
"The opening of this program will enable many advanced Armenian students go to graduate schools and get good knowledge from the source", - assured Mr. Darbinyan. According to the rector, cyber security is an essential and urgent component in the context of the major trends of the modern world, in particular, Armenia's information space.
In his turn, Mr. Kaspersky said that one of the key issues in the field of cyber security is the lack of highly qualified professionals: "That is why we attach great importance to the support of such educational programs. We hope the graduates of the new master's program will actively save the world from a variety of cyber threats. "
It should be noticed that under the decision of the Academic Council of RAU, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky was awarded with the title of "Honorary Doctor of the Russian-Armenian University." The founder and CEO of "Kaspersky Lab" was awarded this title for his outstanding contribution to the field of IT-security , for the creation of an effective system of information protection against cyber threats as well as for his educational activities and work with RAU.
Eugene Kaspersky visited RAU
Eugene Kaspersky visited RAU
Eugene Kaspersky visited RAU
Eugene Kaspersky visited RAU
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