NEWSThe Experience of Summer Camp in China
The Experience of Summer Camp in China
During the summer of 2016, the Changchun University of China organized a summer camp for students of RAU Confucius Center for the Chinese Language and Culture. The trip’s aim was to give the students a chance to learn more about the Chinese culture and language.
Accompanied by an instructor at RAU Confucius Center, Liu Xiao, the students visited Changchun and Beijing as part of their summer camp experience. In the Chinese capital, camp participants visited the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City palace, the Summer Palace and other magnificent sites.
According to Anahit Arshalusyan, a student and a volunteer at RAU Confucius Center, Changchun University staff was exceptionally hospitable towards their guests from Armenia. They organized intensive classes on Chinese language and culture where participants learned the subtlety of calligraphy, mastered Chinese musical instruments, practiced qigong exercises, penetrated into some of the secrets of the Chinese cuisine and, above all, made new friends.
Head of RAU Confucius Center, Ms. Naira Grigoryan, stressed the importance of live spoken interaction as means of putting language into practice as well as students’ contribution to building friendly relations between the two Universities and countries: "Changchun University organized a comprehensive program for our students to learn and have fun at the same time. Professors and volunteers from Changchun University did a great job. Our students particularly liked martial arts classes and qigong breathing exercises, which were not only entertaining but also healthy. We express our deep gratitude to the Changchun University administration and appreciation of the work that has been done throughout the month."
Due to the camp’s success and the fruitful cooperation between Russian-Armenian University and Changchun University, the program is expected to go on.
What is more, in 2017 the program "Summer Camp in China” will be available for all students of RAU Confucius Center.
The Experience of Summer Camp in China
The Experience of Summer Camp in China
The Experience of Summer Camp in China
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