NEWSWolfram Language Course Completed
Wolfram Language Course Completed
On May 12, RAU students, who successfully completed the Wolfram Language Course, received certificates of completion at Russian-Armenian University (RAU).
The course was conducted by Head of Wolfram Research in Armenia Mikayel Egibyan, University of Rostock (Germany) alumni. During the course, he introduced the basic concepts of the Wolfram language and ways to work effectively with Wolfram technologies. Mr. Egibyan also presented Wolfram Language-based software, various task-solving tools, as well as the ecosystem as a whole.
Wolfram Language is a multi-paradigm programming language, developed by Wolfram Research and serving as a basic converging point for the Mathematica system. Wolfram Language was designed as a universal language focusing on symbolic calculation, functional and logic programming. Developed for a new generation of programmers, the Wolfram Language has a great depth of embedded algorithmic decisions and data. 
Wolfram Language Course Completed
Wolfram Language Course Completed
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