Announcement100Lives Presentation at RAU
100Lives Presentation in RAU - May 14, 14:30
"100 LIVES is an initiative led by Vartan Gregorian, Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan, along with individuals of Armenian origin whose achievements were made possible by acts of valor committed a century ago.
We have a dual purpose: to celebrate those who helped Armenians in need one hundred years ago and to continue in their spirit by supporting people and organizations that keep the legacy of gratitude alive.
A century ago many people stood up in the name of humanity. Their compassion, generosity and sacrifice show the best of humankind. 

100 LIVES will tell their stories.
We will uncover and tell the stories of survival and humanity that emerged during the Genocide, which began in 1915. We will collect stories of survivors and those who  helped them. We will do this through academic research, personal accounts and from your submissions to this website.
This will form the central part of a global effort to pay tribute to and express our gratitude to the individuals and institutions whose actions saved so many Armenian lives.

But we want to do more." 
Come to the 100Lives Presentation in RAU to learn MORE about the Project and the ways YOU can contribute to it. 
Check the flyer and do not miss this inspiring event! We are waiting for you on May 14, at 14:30 in the Blue Hall on the 3rd floor