AnnouncementDr. Garo H. Armen Visits RAU
Date: September 22
Time: 12:00
Venue: Russian-Armenian University, F.T. Sargsyan’s Hall (Blue Hall)
Language: English
Entrance: Free
Registration is required.

Dr. Garo H. Armen, founder and chairman of the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), will meet with the students of Russian-Armenian University. Dr. Garo H. Armen has years of expertise in the financial and biopharmaceutical fields, having served on the Board of Elan Corporation, plc. and Board of Protagenic Therapeutics. During the talk, he will elaborate on fund’s new initiative SMART that uses telecommunication and technology to foster the development of the Armenian rural areas.

Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) aims to provide a better future for the Armenian children in impoverished rural villages through improved education, healthcare, community life and economic conditions. COAF envisions a world in which all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and in turn contribute meaningfully to their communities and to the world around them. More about the fund:

The SMART Initiative is designed to advance Armenian rural communities by connecting them to best global practices in education, health, arts and sciences, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental practices. The 1st COAF SMART educational Center/campus is located in the Lori region and will commence its operations in early 2018. 
More about the initiative:

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