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Institute of Law and Politics
Department of Constitutional Law and Municipal Law
Department of Political Science
Department of International and European Law
Department of Theory and History of Law and State
Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law
Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law
Department of World Politics and International Relations
Institute of Mathematics and High Technology
Department of General Physics and Quantum Nano-Structures
Department of Materials Technology and Structure of Electronic Technique
Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling
Department of System Programming
Department of Mathematical Cybernetics
Department of Quantum and Optical Electronics
Department of Telecommunications
Department of Bioengineering, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
Department of General and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Department of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (jointly with "Synopsis Armenia")
Institute of Economics and Business
Department of Economic Theory and Challenges of Transition Economies
Department of Economics and Finance
Department of Management, Business and Tourism
Institute of Humanities
Department of Armenian Language and Literature
Department of Theory of Language and Cross-cultural Communication
Department of Psychology
Department of World History and Area Studies
Department of Philosophy
Department of Russian Language and Professional Communication
Department of Russian and World Literature and Culture
Institute of Media, Advertising and Film Production
Department of Journalism
Department of Creative Industries
Department of TV and Film Production
Institute of Oriental Studies
Universitywide Departments
Department of Physical Education and Health