International ProjectsNetwork East-West project
Summer exchange program
in the scope of “Network East – West” project
in cooperation with Humboldt University of Berlin
During the program 10 law students from each University is given a topic in the framework of the general topic of the project and is supposed to write a research/analytical paper with his German/Armenian peer. The topics for the papers are chosen each year by Armenian and German tutors and have to include comparative analysis. The tutors supervise the preparation and writing process, give personal and group consultations to participants, lead discussions during meetings and evaluate the student’s work.   
The program takes place in August. During the first week RAU hosts the German students in YerevanDuring the second week  RAU delegation along with the German delegation travels to Berlin. Participants from other partner universities participating in the Project also join the group, intensifying the comparative analysis conducted in the scope of the projgect and enhancing the cultural exchange between the law students from different countries.
The programme language is English.
  • Provide experience in international scientific cooperation
  • Encourage intercultural dialogue between host and partner university participants
  • Stimulate motivation to develop and gain skills in the organization and implementation of a scientific congress
  • Boost motivation of foreign students to complete a German LL.M Program or a doctorate at a German university
The student exchange programs within the Network East-West of the Faculty of Law of the Humboldt University of Berlin primarily gives students from Berlin and from RAU an opportunity to gain experiences in a common internationally oriented scientific cooperation: in addition to the scientific orientation of the seminars the acquisition of cultural competence, as well as the focus on gaining skills of the organization and implementation of a scientific event and the joint presentation of comparative law issues, together with a partner from another language area. In addition, the program especially serves the foreign students’ sustainable contact with the German legal system. 
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