NEWS100Lives Project Presentation at RAU
“100 LivesProject at RAU
On May 14, 2015 the Department of International Cooperation has organized a presentation of the 100 Lives Project at RAU, conducted by the representatives of the Project, Mr. Aren Apikyan and Ms. Anahit Musheghyan.
100 Lives is one of the most global and innovative projects dedicated to raise awareness on the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.
As the Project founders state, 100Lives was initiated to acknowledge all those people who helped Armenians in the beginning of 20th century as well as other nations currently going through the hard times.   
That is what makes it different from other projects dedicated to the Armenian Genocide.  
There were numerous people who helped Armenians to survive the Genocide: Maria Jacobsen, Anna Hedvig Büll, Henry Morgenthau are among them, however very few know about it. Moreover, most do not know anything about those who managed to escape and survived. 
“We are used to talk only about that we were murdered. And, unfortunately, the victim syndrome still has an influence on people. And we rarely talk about those who helped us survive. Meanwhile, the stories of survival indicate life’s victory over the death.  Turks were not the first who tried to kill our entire nation throughout the ages. For a long time Armenia did not have a statehood and has always been situated between the two conflicting empires. We have always faced the risk of destruction. But we survived. And one of the goals of the Project is to show not only to the entire world but also to ourselves that we have survived. We grew in number and we became stronger” – the Project Director Aren Apikyan has mentioned.      
He has also introduced to the students some other acknowledgment projects one of which aims at providing 100 scholarships to the kids who suffered in the result of conflict in the Middle East for the study at UWC in Dilijan, while the other project aims at providing financial aid to those who suffered in the result of the earthquake in Nepal.
Besides, there are also considerable resources allocated for the preservation of the documents proving the fact of the Armenian Genocide.   
There is also another important component of the 100Lives Project that implies an award “Aurora” to be given to a person who nowadays has significantly contributed into saving people’s lives. Anybody can be nominated by anybody. And the winner will be chosen based on the jury’s decision. There are such famous persons among the jury members as George Clooney and Elie Wiesel.
Students present at the meeting had a chance to address their questions to Mr. Apikyan. A number of different issues were raised and discussed. In the end of the meeting “Be Armenian. Be Alive” short video was screened, and the title of the video is the main message of the entire Project.  
You can watch the video here. For more details about the 100Lives Project please visit the official website of the initiative.