NEWSRAU hosted International Conference on Zaza language Studies
RAU hosted International Conference on Zaza language Studies
On June 4, Russian-Armenian University hosted the Second International Conference on Zaza language studies named "The Phenomenon of Zaza people Anatolian Alevism".
 The event was organized by the international academic magazine "Iran and Caucasus" and was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the first edition of the magazine. Co-organizers of the conference were Modus Vivendi Center and Russian-Armenian University.
 The conference was attended by leading scientists and experts from Armenia, Iran, Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, and other countries. The speakers presented reports on the history, culture, language and literature, identity of  Zaza people, as well as the phenomenon of the common Anatolian culture.

As RAU vice-rector for research Mr. Parkev S. Avetisyan said, Russian-Armenian University seriously intends to "open a window" to the East: "The University pays special attention to the development of Oriental Studies. We are now accepting Masters Applications announced in two directions - "Iranian Studies" and "Indology"; soon PhD graduate school’s admission will be announced - on the history and ethnography of Iranian Studies. I am sure that RAU will be one of the largest centers for Oriental Studies in the world, in particular, in terms of Iranian Studies ". 

It should be said that an opening of the new master's degree programs in RAU is intended to provide training for Iranian Studies and Indology specialists, combining both the best traditions of academic Oriental Studies and methodology of modern political science, economic and cultural analysis of the region. A wide range of subjects, including elective ones, will provide an individual approach to undergraduates, as well as successfully combined general Orientals training with emphasis on specific (including applied) fields of knowledge - modern history, political science, economics, religious studies, ethnography, oriental philology and so on.
Graduates will be awarded double-degree diplomas of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation.
More information about new programs is available here (in Russian).
RAU hosted International Conference on Zaza language Studies
RAU hosted International Conference on Zaza language Studies