NEWSArtem Oganov in RAU
Artem Oganov in RAU

On September 24, Russian-Armenian University hosted a meeting with an outstanding young scientist, theorist, crystallographer, chemist, physicist, materials scientist Artem Oganov.

The meeting was held in an informal atmosphere. According to the scientist, the three days in Yerevan were full of scientific events: this is why the guest with pleasure told about his childhood, family, student dreams and much more.

Artem Oganov with honors graduated from Moscow State University, defended his thesis (PhD) in crystallography at the University College of London, received the degree of Doctor of Science at the Zurich Polytechnic University.

Artem Oganov is one of the most famous, most quoted mineralogists. Now the scientist lives in three countries: more than 9 months spent in Russia, less than a month - in the US, and 2 months - in China. He is a professor and head of the Laboratory of Computer design of materials at the University of New York at Stony Brook and Professor of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. In 2013, in addition to the laboratory in the United States, he founded and headed a laboratory in Russia (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), and in China.

 Dr. Artem Oganov is an author of over 170 scientific articles and book chapters (many came out in Nature, Science and other magazines) and 5 patents. The famous scientist is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Award Latsis of ETH Zürich, the medal of the European Mineralogical Union, three of premiums for Elsevier's most cited work. In 2011, the Russian edition of Forbes included Dr. Oganov in the top ten most successful Russian scientists.
Artem Oganov in RAU
Artem Oganov in RAU