NEWSHovakim Grabski Participated in Google Summer of Code
Ph.D. Student Hovakim Grabski Participated in Google Summer of Code
RAU Ph.D. student in Biology Hovakim Grabski participated in the Google Summer of Code program and was awarded with an annual certificate on successful completion of the project, as well as with a scholarship. In total, the program involved more than 1,200 students from 67 countries, with only 1032 students completing it successfully.
Traditionally, Google Summer of Code program starts in April and lasts for four months. The selection of the participating organizations is conducted by Google Inc. Each week students present a report on their work and participate in video conferences.
As Hovakim Grabski mentioned, Google Summer of Code had not yet been completed, since the annual summit of the mentors in Sunnyvale (CA) would be held in October.
"Google Summer of Code is designed to attract students to the development of open source software, to enable students of computer science and related areas gain experience in the field of their research interests, to provide the participants with particular aspects of the workflow (for example, with the peculiarities of communication in mailing lists or distributed development) etc. Students gain practical skills, real-world experience, the code for the portfolio and, of course, a certificate and a stipend for their work ", elaborated on the program Hovakim Grabski.
Note that the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a Google program initiative, under which the selection of open source projects is conducted annually. Students-winners are paid cash grants. In 2016, the participants made a significant contribution to the development of more than 178 different open source projects.
Hovakim Grabski Participated in Google Summer of Code
Hovakim Grabski Participated in Google Summer of Code