NEWSRAU students participated in the conference "OSCE MODEL”
RAU Students Participated in the Conference "OSCE MODEL”
On October 27-28, students of Russian-Armenian University participated in "Model OSCE" Conference , organized by the Yerevan office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and Department of International Cooperation of the University particularly for RAU students.
Prior to the conference, during one month students were attending trainings on developing their skills of negotiation and public speaking, as well as master classes on international relations and diplomacy. Participants got acquainted with the basic principles of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. After these courses, students applied their theoretical knowledge in practice in the course of the conference.
At the end of the event "The best delegate" nomination was awarded to RAU student Armen Tovmasyan ("Applied Political Science" programme, MA, 2 year), "The best negotiator" to Sona Mirzoyan ("International relations" programme, BA, 4 year) and "The best moderator" to Milena Sargsyan ("Law", BA, 2 year). 
"Model OSCE" Conference is a diplomatic role-playing game, which reproduces the action of the OSCE Permanent Council. At the beginning, young "ambassadors" of OSCE member states had to consider their position and make proposals to resolve the actual problem - infringement of the rights of national minorities. The conflict broke out between two hypothetical countries, but in the course of two days of talks, they still managed to come to a peace agreement. The conference organizers were satisfied and highlighted that the participants demonstrated good preparation and creative thinking.
All participants of the conference "Model OSCE" were given certificates and those who excelled particularly active were awarded with special prizes.
RAU students participated in the conference "OSCE MODEL”
RAU students participated in the conference "OSCE MODEL”