NEWSArmenian Wolfram Technology Conference
Armenian Wolfram Technology Conference
On September 23-24, Armenian Wolfram Technology Conference took place at Russian-Armenian University. 
The conference attendees discussed the latest developments and features for cloud computing, system modeling and simulation, computational finance, interactive media, cloud computing and visualization and more. Through a series of immersive hands-on workshops on Wolfram features and capabilities, the participants also picked up practical skills and techniques that could be put to their workflows afterwards. 
Among the Armenian Wolfram Technology Conference objectives, was  the introduction of how computation can empower researchers and organizations in research and development to deliver quicker and smarter results. The event was confined to the 20th anniversary of RAU.
Wolfram Language is a multi-paradigm programming language, developed by Wolfram Research and serving as a basic converging point for the Mathematica system. Wolfram Language was designed as a universal language focusing on symbolic calculation, functional and logic programming. Developed for a new generation of programmers, the Wolfram Language has a great depth of embedded algorithmic decisions and data. 
Watch the full conference: