NEWSAsian IT Companies Visiting RAU
Asian IT Companies Visiting RAU
In June 2017, representatives of IT sector from Asia met with RAU teaching staff and students majoring in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from RAU Institute of Mathematics and High Technology. 
The delegation comprised executives of IT companies from Japan, the Philippines and Hong Kong that specialize in machine learning, pattern recognition and data mining: President of a Japanese company ADISH Mr. Toshifumi Fujisawa, President of a Japanese company INFOTECT Mr. Noboru Ikuta, founder of the Touch Asia Group company Mr. Yasushi Nakagawa, representative of CCC Inc in Armenia and President of the Japan Armenia Support Center (JASC) Mr. Arihiko Hasegawa. The range of their interests included development of artificial intelligence, data storage technologies and cloud computing.
The meeting took place in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The parties discussed the possibilities of cooperation in research and technology and outlined ways for cooperation. In particular, the representative of the IT company from Hong Kong was interested in collaborating to implement joint projects in the field.