NEWSAssociate Prof. J.Minasyan at Sorbonne Conference in Paris
Associate Prof. J.Minasyan at Sorbonne Conference in Paris
Jacqueline Minasyan, Associate Professor of the French language at RAU Department of Theory of Language and Cross-cultural Communication, participated in a GRAC Group DILTEC conference at the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle (Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle), which took place on October 13-14.
The GRAC (Grammar and Contextualization) Group is part of the DILTEC  project (Didactics of Languages, Texts and Cultures) and has the following objectives: to organize and carry out systematic studies of ways to contextualize the French grammar for textbooks published outside of France, which can be adapted for learners of different levels.
The conference participants discussed the difficulties that French learners may face and ways to help overcome them via their native language or the second language; examined the grammar mechanisms required for contextualization. There, Ms. Jacqueline Minasyan presented her research report L'emploi de l’article en français vu par les arménophones (The Usage of the Article in French from the point of view of Armenian native speakers). During her presentation, Ms. Minasyan shared her experience of grammar contextualization, providing a valuable contribution to the DILTEC laboratory's research. The Scientific Committee, comprised of distinguished professors Jean-Claude Beaco (University of Paris III, France), Jean-Michel Kalambac (University of Juwskula, Finland), Ana Clara Santos (University of Algarve, Portugal), Corinne Weber (University of Paris III, France) expressed their appreciation for her report.
At present, the group of Grammar and Contextualization (GRAC) includes French language instructors from more than ten countries. The research results of the group are available at the website of GRAC, where you can read Ms. Minasyan's article.