NEWSChristine Zaqaryan's Study Experience at the University of Tsukuba
Christine Zaqaryan's Study Experience at the University of Tsukuba
Christine Zaqaryan, Master’s student in Information Technologies in Economics at Russian-Armenian University, spent a year studying at the University of Tsukuba, Japan and shared her experience.
I applied to the JASSO, Japan Student Services Organization, specifically to their Program for Human Resources Development for Russian-speaking Countries, and luckily I was selected. Among the selection criteria were fluency in English, high academic performance, familiarity with the Japanese language and culture and strong willingness to further pursue research in the field of interest”, said Christine.
At the University of Tsukuba, she studied International Area Studies, in particular, courses related to country development: Development Economics, Social Development, International Development, Anthropology of Development, Comparative Politics, etc.
Christine confided that studying abroad was an insightful and positive experience, "Discovering similarities and differences between cultures was exciting! I had the chance to visit Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and, of course, Tokyo. The long-term stay abroad and the international environment certainly changed my worldview. I believe that we need to understand the cultures of others to be able to cultivate relations with other states. It is important to have professionals who understand the Japanese ways, the structure of their banking system, private sector, legal system, etc. In this respect, I think it is important to keep up the development of the Japanese Studies academic program at RAU".
Having more than 140-year-old history, the University of Tsukuba ranks in the top 10 universities in Japan. It collaborates with over 300 universities and research centers worldwide and currently hosts international students from more than 100 countries.