NEWSFinal conference of TEMPUS PEOPLE
Final Conference of TEMPUS PEOPLE
On May 16-17, the representatives of Russian-Armenian University (RAU) participated in the final conference of TEMPUS PEOPLE “Promoting Educational Organization through People” project.
The aim of the final conference was to show all the benefits achieved through the project, that is the strategic planning processes in Human Resources management, share experience on staff training and professional development, HR software development, as well as quality management processes in higher educational institutions (HEI) of Georgia, Armenia, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden. Among the participants were HR managers and specialists from different HEIs of Armenia both from Yerevan and the regions, representatives from National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia, as well as heads and managers of HR departments from Georgia, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden.
Ms. Lana Karlova, Coordinator of National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia, in her closing remarks, also stressed the importance of TEMPUS PEOPLE project which had great value for all partners and which was one of the most successful projects.