NEWSProfessors of Humboldt University of Berlin visit RAU
Professors of Humboldt University of Berlin visit RAU
On 16-20 September RAU hosted representatives of the Humboldt University of Berlin - Dr. Prof. Bernd Heinrich, Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Prof. Dr. Martin Heger, Head of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and European legal history, as well as researchers Dr. Erol Pohlreich and Dr. Tobias Reinbacher.
During their stay in RAU, German scholars gave lectures to RAU students and researchers on such topics as anti-corruption law, intellectual property law, European Convention on Human Rights, amongst others.
The visit of the scholars was organized in the scope of 3-year  “Network East – West” project on "Corruption and Organized Crime in Cooperative Perspective" that is being launched between The Institute of Law and Politics of RAU and Law Faculty of Humboldt University of Berlin. A special student exchange program on anti-corruption law will be developed as a result of the visit. The program is to take place in August 2014. 8-10 students from RAU and Humboldt University will participate in this exchange program, which will last for 2 weeks. In the scope of the program, German students will spend one week in Armenia, at RAU, and then Armenian students will spend the next week  in Germany, at Humboldt University of Berlin, respectfully.
Head of The Department of International Cooperation at RAU, Suzanna Shamakhyan said such exchange program has already proved to be successful in Georgia, Ukraine and Latvia, and now it will be launched in Armenia.