NEWSRAU Cerebrates New Academic Year
RAU Cerebrates New Academic Year 
On September 1, Russian-Armenian University celebrated the beginning of a new academic year and the "Day of Knowledge". 
The university's executives opened the ceremony with a congratulatory speech. RAU Rector Prof. Armen Darbinyan greeted everyone with words of welcome, "In the 20 years we have become a leading university in Armenia and we are proud of it - we sincerely congratulate those who've become our students this year".
As RAU Vice-rector Prof. Pargev Avetisyan mentioned, "Armenia's competitive ability is directly connected to the level of education among young people. Today, on the Day of Knowledge, the day of science and academic endeavours, I wish you to keep the creative spirit and have great achievements!"  
As the tradition goes, the first-graders of 'Usmunk', the secondary school at Russian-Armenian University, also took the stage with a presentation. Following the official ceremony, the first-year students attended their first lecture read by Prof. Armen Darbinyan at the Grand Hall. In his lecture, Prof. Darbinyan mentioned that university education has a professional and a civil function to it. 
This year more than 500 new students have joined RAU.