NEWSMaggie Shahbazyan and Arpine Ghukasyan at 'International Communication in the Fashion Industry' Conference
Maggie Shahbazyan and Arpine Ghukasyan at 'International Communication in the Fashion Industry' Conference
On November 28-29, Maggie Shahbazyan, RAU graduate in Advertising and PR, and Arpine Ghukasyan, Master's student in Psychology of Management, participated in the conference International Communications in the Fashion Industry in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
The conference was hosted by the Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design. It brought together more than 25 participants and experts in fashion, fashion psychology and PR from Italy, Russia, Armenia, Finland and other countries. Conference speakers and guests discussed a wide range of issues, namely those related to media and communication, advertising and PR, management and marketing, fashion retailing and merchandising.
There, representatives of Russian-Armenian University displayed their research work: Maggie Shahbazyan introduced "Fairy Dalia, a Conscious Brand", while Arpine Ghukasyan elaborated on "The Impact of Fashion on the Psychology of Student Youth Personality".
"Having worked on my master thesis "Developing PR Technologies for International Interdisciplinary Projects for Children (via the example of the Fairy Dalia project) and as the PR manager of the Fairy Dalia project, I decided to continue with the topic and present the project "Fairy Dalia" at the conference in St. Petersburg," mentioned Maggie Shahbazyan.
Arpine Ghukasyan in her turn shared her interests in the psychological aspect of fashion, "Psychological analysis of a person's style has been among my research interests since the second year - the choice of clothes in a way corresponds to person's inner spirit, so in the article I have analyzed fashion's psychological function in relation to youth personality".
The conference International Communications in the Fashion Industry was organized by "Cult Communication", a laboratory of advertising and communication in fashion. The event's objectives were to support the exchange of experience, ideas and achievements, as well as to facilitate a discussion on the latest trends and issues in the fashion industry. The reports presented will be published in the conference proceedings.