NEWS12th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth Screenings
12th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth Screenings at RAU
RAU hosted several film screenings and meetings with directors within the 12th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which took place in Armenia on November 5-9, 2016.
RAU screenings kicked off with two short movies The Sandwich Island Man and The Piano (France) directed by Levon Minassian. It was followed by a discussion with filmmaker Levon Minassian and producer of The Sandwich Island Man Peggy Desplats.
On the second day of the screenings Garri Bardin presented his new animation movie Listening to Beethoven (Russia) and delivered a public lecture. The director referred to his latest work as a simple story about the triumph of freedom. Bardin, famous for his fascinating harmonization of music and movie dynamics, this time picked Beethoven’s Symphony № 7 as soundtrack.
The Waiting (Turkey), a movie focusing on the Armenian Genocide, was presented to RAU students on the last day.
After the projection, RAU students had a chance to talk to the director, Umut Bazil, about the story of how the film got made. Umut Bazil said that he addressed the Armenian Genocide in his movie because of his Armenian roots. He confided that when he shared his intention to make a movie about the genocide back in 2004 in Turkey, his instructor advised him against raising the political aspect of the issue. “Nobody had ever touched the issue of the Armenian Genocide in my university in Istanbul, but, later, when the movie was presented, the audience fell silent”, he said.
In particular, Umut Bazil wished the relationship between the younger generations of Armenia and Turkey to be unaffected by politics.        
The annual international film festival Rolan is sponsored by Armenian Foundation for Promotion of Cinema and TV for Children and Young People Rolan Bykov Foundation. It aims to assist children and youth in shaping their individuality and learning to be guided by moral values. Festival organizers aspire to establish connections between participants from different countries and foster joint international projects in the filmmaking. Created for youth, the festival’s jury has solely children and teens as members.