NEWSSwiss Business School 2014 Graduation
RAU & SBS Business School MBA class 2014  graduated
On September 9, the Class 2014 Graduation Ceremony of RAU & SBS Business School Joint degree MBA program took place in The Conference hall after F. Sarkisian, where relatives, teachers and parents gathered to welcome and congradulate the graduates.
"You have a mission to be graduates of the Swiss Business School program of RAU and to keep its ideas, to understand the situation in the market, the features of the business climate and other factors affecting the economy. I now recall you at the beginning of our common path (a year and eight months ago), since then a lot has changed in you for I believe you have found the key to knowledge. The more there are people like you, the more secure our future will be" - said Dr. Edward  Sandoyan, Director of RAU Institute of Economics and Business.
The Academic Dean of the Swiss Business School, Dr. Bert Wolfs also welcomed the participants: "My congratulations to the graduates of 2014 year! Finally this day has come - the day when you no longer have to be torn between thoughts of presentations, homework, and so on. You should be proud of yourself and use the gained knowledge wisely. We are proud of you as our alumni."

"It is not easy to get such high-quality education without leaving the country. We are happy to have graduated from the Swiss Business School in Armenia. On behalf of the entire class I want to thank the teachers and organizers, as well as the leaders of RAU and SBS. We hope this partnership will last many years." - said Edward Mkrtchian, graduate of the program.
Rector of RAU, Dr. Prof. Armen Darbinyan also congratulated the graduates and their parents, thanked the teachers noting that RAU will do everything required to guarantee the cooperation between RAU and SBS continues.
RAU Business School is a dynamic, licensed program in the field of business education, a member of the International Association for Management Development CEEMAN, which uses a modern approach to the methodology and the quality of business education.