NEWSRAU students best in IHL
RAU team won National trial simulation model on IHL
22 - 24 November, 2013 a trial simulation model entitled ''National trial simulation model on International Humanitarian Law" took place in Tsakhkadzor. RAU team consisted of Antonyan Mariam, Beybutyan David and Abgaryan Narek. The team won the trial simulation model, coached by Nahapetyan Tigran. 8 teams of 3 students in each were participating in this model. All of them were students of either Law Department or International Relations.
The trial simulation model consisted of 5 rounds. First 3 rounds happened from 22 to 23 of November with all teams participating. The jury of leading professionals in the field of Law chose 4 teams to participate in the semi-finals. RAU team competed with French University in Armenia team in semi-finals and with the team from Yerevan State University in the finals.
As a present the winners got the opportunity to do their internships either Constitutional Court of RA or in the Ministry of Justice of RA. A trophy and valuable books were among other presents.