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RAU teaching and scientific staff along with graduate and postgraduate students are actively involved in scientific research. The research groups of Russian-Armenian University are formed to meet the demands of contemporary science and multidisciplinary research. Currently, there are 25 teams conducting research in different areas. 

Natural Science and Mathematics
Comparison of differential operators, boundary behavior of complex variable functions and factorization of matrix-valued function
Development of low temperature techniques of optimized CdTe nanoscale films and CdTe/CdS hetero-systems suitable for fabrication of efficient flexible solar cells
Development of a high precision data-measuring drone system for surface facilities detection/tracking
Function spaces and their application in mathematical modeling
Genetic and cellular molecular defects inoxidation processin the innate immunity cells and their role in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes
Integral transforms in integral geometry applied in tomography. The invariant embedding technique in stochastic geometry and invariants of some classical groups
Investigation of metal nanoparticles and medicinal plant extracts synergistic activity for socially significant diseases prevention and treatment
Molecular modeling methods in biomedical systems research
Photoluminescent and few-particle properties of semiconductor quantum dots and quantum dashes
Synthesis of conjugated push-pull systems based on pyrimidine as forerunners of organic semiconductor materials
Synthesis of new derivatives of condensed biheterolytic systems with a potential antiviral and antibacterial activity
Two-dimensional photoelectric detectors with middle infrared band (3-5 μm) based on p-InSb/n-CdTe heterostructure
Social Sciences and Humanities
A comparative analysis of alternative ways of building a new “Silk Road” railway transport corridor (EU countries – International North-South Transport Corridor – East and Southeast Asia) and economic explanation of primary courses of development for Armenia’s railway transport corridors
Armenia - EAEU: state and prospects of commercial and economic relations
Cross-Christian East: on the bridges of the Silk Roads in the past and at present
Current issues in criminal law, criminal procedure and law enforcement practice in the Republic of Armenia in the wake of legal and judicial reforms
Financial regulation policy in the Republic of Armenia: evaluation and prospects 
Main export issues of Armenia’s small and medium-sized enterprises production and its effective model development
National culture as a strategic development resource: history and challenges of our time (via the example of Armenia and Armenians)
Social, psychological, linguistic and cultural issues of tolerance in the military via the example of Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia
Some issues in the morphology of the standard Eastern Armenian language in comparison with the morphology of the contemporary Russian language
Strategic ways of increasing the competitiveness of Armenia’s higher education system in terms of integration and internationalization (multidisciplinary research)
The influence of ideology on speech culture (based on Russian and Armenian languages, 1990-2015)
The Russian language in Armenia in the context of its global functioning: sociolinguistic functions, tools for development, legal protection mechanisms(multidisciplinary approach)
The tradition of Armenian epic poetry: theoretical framework of history and modernity
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