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Advanced Learning Environment
Japan has an excellent academic environment that allows students to be innovative, creative and think independently. You can study the latest technology and acquire the knowledge that enabled Japan’s phenomenal postwar economic growth. The universities under the “Global 30” Project are well equipped with fine research, computer, and library facilities, enabling students to carry out their research in a state-of-the-art environment.
Low Tuition and Fees, Generous Scholarships
Tuition and fees at Japanese universities are inexpensive compared to fees in many other countries. There are also many scholarship systems including government-sponsored scholarships and scholarships offered by the universities themselves. Currently many international students at the universities under the “Global 30” Project are receiving some kind of scholarship.
Rich Culture: Mix of Tradition and Cutting-edge High Technology
Modern Japanese culture and society consist of a diverse mix of the old and new, the East and West, and the natural and artificial. These seemingly contradictory elements coexist in harmony in Japan, allowing students to experience a unique culture.
No Japanese Proficiency Required at the Time of Admission
With the introduction of the “Global 30” Project, the best universities in Japan are now offering degree programs in English. By doing this, these universities have broken down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan. A range of courses in a number of fields are offered in English at the universities under the “Global 30” Project.
Take Entrance Examinations at Home
You might imagine that you have to be in Japan in order to apply. However, the universities under the “Global 30” Project now offer paper and interview-based admissions procedures which allow international students to apply while still in their respective countries. Interviews can be done from their current location using TV conference systems or other devices.
Immerse Yourself in Japan
The universities under the “Global 30” Project provide high-quality instruction in Japanese language and culture while also allowing students to gain a valuable degree in another subject. When you learn Japanese, you become not only proficient in the language but also gain an insider view of the culture difficult to appreciate otherwise. Japanese language programs offered by the 13 universities
Support for International Students
In addition to excellent educational and research facilities, universities under the “Global 30” Project also provide an international student-friendly environment, offering support for living and studying in Japan. For example, they provide assistance regarding academic matters, career planning, visas, financial support, housing, and any other difficulties and problems international students may face.
If you want to find find out more about the opportunity of studfing in Japan see the brochure of the program and visit the website of the program.
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