International ProjectsTEMPUSTEMPUS-BME-ENA 2013-2016
TITLE: Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighbouring Area
DESCRIPTION: Biomedical Engineering (BME) is one of the fastest growing fields with an impressive multidisciplinary dimension and direct consequences not only for the health care sector but for the society in general, since it is the basis of the impressive advancement and progress of health care delivery. Nowadays, Biomedical Engineers must be prepared to meet existing and forecasted needs by means of knowledge, skills and attitudes that address the demands of the work environment in the broader health care related sector all over the world. This involves academia, medical industry, hospital facilities, and administration, and imposes new challenges for advanced education in the field.
The objective of the BME-ENA project is to promote BME Education in the Eastern Neighbouring Area, through the creation of joint multidisciplinary MSc programs in the field, with major positive effects in both the health technology industrial sector and the health delivery system through the appropriate management and safe use of medical devices.
The BME-ENA project will enable Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to face the challenges of biomedical technology through capacity and institutional building measures. BME education at university level in these countries is underdeveloped.
Laboratory and computer equipment are in many cases inadequate in quantity and quality, resulting in rather ‘theoretical’ courses. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for BME specialists, since advanced technologies are implemented in the healthcare sector. The project will focus on the creation of 4 BME MSc educational programs, which will be designed and implemented according to the most recent development in the field and following the recommendations of a previous very successful TEMPUS IV CRH-BME Project.
The ultimate goal of the BME-ENA proposed project is to prepare a new generation of Biomedical Engineers, able to understand, develop, manage and use advanced medical technology.
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