Erasmus + CBHE "Development of approaches to harmonization of 
comprehensive internationalization strategies in higher education, research and innovation at EU and partner" (HARMONY)
HARMONY project aims to contribute to development of a comprehensive internationalization strategies and their harmonization at EU and Partner Countries (Armenia, Belarus, Russia) within the framework of HEA in accordance with the main provisions of the Bologna Process through modernization of international relation management of the partner countries universities, promoting the academic mobility and correspondently, increasing the attractiveness of the higher education systems in these countries and EU.
Project represents a comprehensive approach to much-needed strategies for the PCs HEIs that will start from comprehansive research of internationalisation level of HE, following EU best practice study to boost horizontally their internationalisation.
The action foresees strengthening strategic, infrastructural & human capacities in HEIs of 3 PCs, implementation of Internationalization Action Plans in 7 HEIs and further approval by national Ministries which involvement ensures project impact on policy level and provides modernisation at national development strategies.
At the project core there lays development of approaches to harmonization of internationalization strategies in HE, research and innovation through setting-up tool kits and their national approval.
The specific objectives will be reached by actions at institutional, national & multi-regional levels across PCs like implementing a set training set, establishing Framework of a Comprehensive internationalization strategy, recommendations for harmonisation.
The action is complemented by extensive dissemination & networking activities. The partnership of 17 members comprises 6 EU HEIs, 2 HEIs from AM and BY and 4 RU institutions; and the MoES of PCs join them.
Expected impact is seen as contribution to coherence between internationalisation strategies and EU development cooperation policies by considering principles of equity and PC ownership; use academic and research mobility as given direction of cooperation.
Project coordinator: University of Seville
Project partners:
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