International ProjectsTEMPUSTEMPUS-MEDGEN 2013-2016
TITLE: Developing Medical Genetics Education through Curriculum Reforms and Establishment of Postgraduate Training Programs (MedGen)
DESCRIPTION: Armenia and Israel are countries with high prevalence of genetic disorders. However, health care systems in these countries have not responded appropriately to the rising needs of genetic services. Although in both countries medical profession and public health officials consider genetic conditions as a priority, there is a scarcity of workforce trained in clinical genetics, genetic counseling and laboratory genetics which are playing a critical role in facilitating genome-guided preventive and curative medicine into mainstream patient care.
The wider objective of MedGen is the development and implementation of solid basis with active workforce of MG corresponding to European Union (EU) recommendations of educational and professional standards in MG (CM/Rec(2010)11) and reinforcement of international cooperation capacity in Armenia and Israel.
MedGen aims to:  
• Develop and implement modules, MSc and/or Clinical Residency Programs in MG
• Build capacity for teaching MG
• Introduce EU standards in teaching MG
• Build international MG network
National consultations with presentation of the policy brief for MG will result in the development of student graduate profiles in MG. Detailed content of each module and program will be elaborated for specialization in MG with new teaching materials and blended learning content. The faculty training provided by the European partners will upgrade the teaching capacity of Armenian and Israeli teaching staff to deliver the MG courses corresponding to EU standards. Accreditation and delivery of new MG modules and programs, and university cooperation agreements will be the strongest indicators of the overall success and the sustainability of MedGen. The developing MG workforce will acquire necessary competencies to practice MG in multiethnic societies. The harmonized education in MG as an obligatory medical discipline will establish a hub for international programs and will contribute to the overall quality of health care in partner countries.
COORDINATOR: Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi
34/3 Abovyan street,
Yerevan 0001, AM
Phone: 0037410544367
Fax: 0037410544366
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CONTACT: Dr. Davit Babikyan
Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, AM
Tel Aviv University, IL
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, IL
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, IT
European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, BE
Charles University in Prague, CZ
Medical University of Graz, AT
Université Paris Descartes, FR
University of Plymouth, UK
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